Vehicle Checklist

The service and maintenance schedule must be followed to ensure the safe operation and reliability of the vehicle. Should faults be found, rectification should only be carried out by qualified personnel. The responsibility for the vehicle safety lies with the operator and the owner.

Check wheel nut torque after the first 10km or day of service, and after a wheel change.

NOTE: Hydraulic brakes and Air brakes are two separate systems and must not be connected to the tractor at the same time.

Daily Checks & Maintenance

  • Ring hitch in serviceable condition, grease spoon or swivel eye couplings.
  • Brake and lighting connections to the tractor in good condition.
  • Lights all functioning including the rear flashing beacon where fitted.
  • Tyre condition and visual inflation pressure check.
  • Secure wheel nuts.
  • Brake operation, ensuring cylinder travel isn’t excessive.
  • Leaks on air & hydraulic brake lines.
  • Drain water from air tank.
  • Grease upper tipping ram pin.

 Weekly Checks & Maintenance

  • Grease running gear including the drawbar and steering king pins.
  • Grease tipping cylinder and tailgate ram pivots.
  • Check load sensing valve linkage for adjustment, both air & hydraulic where fitted.
  • Visual check on running gear and drawbar spring condition.
  • Tailgate operation and locking.
  • Inspect security of all bolt on components.
  • Check correct tyre inflation pressure.

 Monthly Checks & Maintenance

  • Check wheel nut torque.
  • Adjust brakes*, check wear on shoes, and return spring operation.
  • Ensure handbrake is effective.
  • Grease running gear including slack adjusters and cam supports.
  • Torque settings of suspension and drawbar u-bolts.
  • Structural check of chassis and drawbar.

*Brake adjustment when slack adjusters are fitted: Tighten the 19mm nut clockwise on the front face of the slack adjuster until tight. Slacken half a turn to provide free travel of the brake cylinder and drum to shoe clearance.

For long term servicing of the suspension and running gear, please refer to the respective section of the manufacturer’s maintenance manual by clicking here.

You can download a printable copy of the checklist here.