Upgrades to our Trailer Range

We are excited to announce significant enhancements to our trailer product range, set to be unveiled this summer at The Royal Highland Show. The upgrades made to our Ktwo Compact & Push Trailer and the Ktwo Curve Trailer are part of our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology, exceptional quality, and unparalleled strength and functionality.


Redesigned Ktwo Compact & Push Trailer:

We have introduced a reimagined version of our market-leading Compact & Push Trailer, setting new benchmarks in performance and durability within the industry. According to Elliot O’Brien, Ktwo Design Manager, “The integration of the Curve tipper style body enhances the trailer’s longitudinal strength, maintaining squareness and rigidity during compaction or ejection. This feature ensures tight seals on the headboard, famously keeping the pusher grain tight.’’ Additionally, we’ve streamlined production process, supported by jig-based construction, expedites manufacturing while reducing the number of parts used. This innovative design also reduces the trailer’s overall weight, enabling our customers to transport more products while complying with the 31-ton gross weight limit.


Incorporating Weighcells in the Ktwo Curve Trailer:

We have taken a significant leap forward by integrating weighcells into the Curve Trailer range, offering our customers an advanced weighing system that surpasses traditional hydraulic methods. The Weighcell Curve Trailer features six cells, three on each side of the chassis, facilitating precise weighing while providing additional support along the body’s length. Strategically placed pairs of cells at the front, middle, and on the pivot blocks ensure optimal weight distribution and stability. This innovative system allows users to conveniently measure loads during transportation, improving overall efficiency and productivity.


These advancements form part of our dedication to innovation and customer-centric solutions. By pushing the boundaries of design and functionality, we continue to revolutionise the industry, empowering our customers to achieve enhanced productivity, reliability, and profitability.

We will be showcasing both the new Compact & Push Trailer and Curve Trailer at the Royal Highland Show, taking place from June 22nd to June 25th, 2023. Make sure you come see us at the show!