Product highlight – The Ktwo Roadeo Compact and Push Trailer!

Our Roadeo Compact and Push Trailer is unique in its design because it doesn’t tip to empty it’s produce, instead it compacts and pushes its contents out. This increases capacity through compaction and reduces costs by increasing the volume each trailer can take by up to 40%.

The Ktwo Roadeo Compact and Push Trailer is available in 3 sizes 18, 20 and 25 ton capacity (31, 35 and 42 m3 non compacted volume capacity). The trailers are also available with a wide variety of configurable options, making them suitable for almost every application including the movement of cereals.

Our Roadeo Compact and Push Trailer’s success is also based on its safety and reliability. The chassis and running gear with heavy duty suspension have been designed to provide maximum stability with the very best of on-and-off road handling characteristics as demanded by today’s high-speed tractors. It is fitted with high specification axles and brakes to ensure that the trailer can stop safely in all conditions.

Safety is also improved by the use of the push ejection mechanism rather than a traditional tipping mechanism, this provides greatly improved stability as well as the ability to empty the trailer in low buildings, uneven ground and without the worry of overhead powerlines. The cycle time of the ejection process is very quick and also aids with quick turnaround times when compared to a conventional trailer.

Our Roadeo Compact and Push Trailers are already being used by farmers and contractors in the UK and worldwide and are regularly praised for their time and cost saving benefits to farming. The increased capacity and emptying speeds reduce fleet running costs dramatically.

‘’We’re 20% more efficient running Ktwo Compact & Push Trailers’’ States P&R Burbage Agricultural Contractors. ‘’It has brought efficiency and productivity to our business.’’


Get in touch with your local dealer to arrange your demo this season and try it out for yourself!