Ktwo Duo vs Warwick Trailers Eco

Helping you to understand the key differences between the Ktwo Duo and the Warwick Trailers Eco in functionality and versatility.

As the agricultural sector evolves, so does the need for advanced, efficient, and reliable farming equipment. At Ktwo we’re committed to providing our customers with the latest information on our product lines to better assist farmers in choosing the right tools for their needs.

Today, we’re focusing on the key differences and advantages between two of our popular products: the Ktwo Duo Muck Spreader and the Warwick Trailers Eco Muck Spreader. The Eco was formally part of the Ktwo range but has moved to the Warwick Trailers range to better suit its market, launched at LAMMA24 which was a huge success and drummed up a lot of interest for both spreaders. Warwick Trailers is part of the Ktwo family.


Ktwo Duo Spreading

Ktwo Duo Muck Spreader – The Versatile Spreader

The Ktwo Duo, available in sizes ranging from 6-12T, is designed to meet the diverse needs of larger-scale farming operations. Key features include:

  • Advanced rotor design with dynamically balanced flights and a unique stepped structure, enhancing strength and spread quality.
  • Increased rotor speeds (Mk5 at 417rpm, Mk6 at 386rpm) for efficient material processing.
  • Larger bottom spinner paddles and a wide 1700mm beater set for extended spreading widths, ensuring precise material broadcast.
  • Durable hardened boron steel rotor teeth, with M16 bolts.
  • A robust 120mm square commercial axle and effective 420 x 180mm S-Cam brakes.
  • High cubic-to-weight capacity ratio and flared body sides for greater capacity and loading efficiency.
  • Enhanced durability with 4 x 14mm marine grade floor chains and 6 tooth floor drive sprockets.


Warwick Trailers Eco Spreader in Yard
Warwick Trailers Eco Muck Spreader – Tailored for Smaller Scale Farming

Formerly part of the Ktwo family, the Eco Muck Spreader (5-7.5T) has transitioned to the Warwick Trailers range, finding its niche in smaller scale farming. This model is an entry level rear discharge spreader designed for an owner/operator/small farmer who wishes to spread his own farmyard manure as and when he chooses with greater productivity than a side discharge spreader. Key features include:

  • Open flighted, dynamically balanced rotors rotating at 417rpm for a wide, fine spread pattern.
  • 6-tooth spiral flight construction for an even spread pattern.
  • Single-piece Rogelberg rotor drive gearbox, uniquely crafted for this spreader range by the same reputable manufacturer responsible for all our gearboxes, features greaseable bearings ensuring seamless power transfer.
  • Single full-width slats and twin floor chains, capable of handling the loads it will carry.
  • Hardened boron steel rotor teeth, reversible for extended service life.
  • 80mm square commercial axle meeting the 25% legal braking requirement.
  • Durable 5mm floor and 4mm sides, consistent with the thickness of all our spreaders for an extended service life.
  • Full LED road lights and optional automatic covers for debris protection.


The Ktwo Duo is tailored for larger operations requiring robustness, versatility, and efficiency, while the Warwick Trailers Eco Muck Spreader suits smaller-scale needs. Both models uphold our commitment to quality and innovation in agricultural equipment.

We also offer the Ktwo Evo and Ktwo Bio muck spreaders which cater for the need for demanding conditions and accurate spreading for most material types.

For more detailed information on the Ktwo and Warwick Trailers range contact us on 01844 299290.