Warwick Trailers Range Relaunch

We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of our Warwick Trailers range!

The revamped Warwick Trailers range is the culmination of focused efforts to meet customer demands while providing enhanced support for our dedicated dealership network. Understanding the potential for dealers to offer a comprehensive range of trailers that complement the Ktwo series, this relaunch is a pivotal milestone, breathing new life into the Warwick Trailers brand.

Key highlights of the relaunched Warwick Trailers range include:

Streamlined Range: The relaunched range now offers an expanded selection of trailers, including tipping trailers ranging from 4 to 12 tons, flatbed trailers spanning 18 to 28 feet, 7 and 10 ton drop deck trailers, and drop-side trailers varying from 2 to 12 tons, tailored to meet smaller-scale agricultural needs.

Quality Build and Finish: Warwick Trailers have been designed to meet the stringent quality standards synonymous with the Ktwo brand. Featuring shot-blasted paint preparation and finished with a two-pack undercoat and a two-pack topcoat paint, these trailers guarantee durability and an impeccable finish.

“We are excited about the reintroduction of the Warwick Trailers range, which we believe perfectly complements the Ktwo range and effectively caters to the diverse needs of the industry,” stated Terry Kelloway, our Founder. “This relaunch is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality products that meet the expectations of our dealers and customers.”

The new Warwick Trailers range is available for immediate access, get in touch with your local Ktwo dealer or contact us on 01844 299290. Warwick Trailers welcomes feedback and looks forward to continually evolving the range to align with market demands.

Lookout for the updated range across the Warwick website, marketing materials, and our social media platforms in the upcoming months.

We extend our gratitude for the continued partnership and support from dealers and eagerly anticipates a successful collaboration as this exciting relaunch takes shape.