The Guys With The Red Trailers

Alfred Moore, father of brothers Wesley, Brian and Raymond, would be proud to see the latest edition to the family business. Moores of Froxton, Devon, have just taken delivery of six 12 tonne Roadeo Silage trailers from K Two Sales in Buckinghamshire.

Putting them straight into service, working on over 10,000 acres around the Devon / Cornwall borders, the family business has gone from strength to strength since 1950 when Alfred started with a Fordson Major E27N, a machine still running today.

Specialising in land drainage back then, they now offer full contracting services to farmers and landowners on the Devon Cornwall border. Wesley advised, “The company, recently joined by my son and nephew, continually invest back into the business and this year we were looking for a better fleet of trailers.”

Looking at both British and Irish built machines, Wesley and the family visited a grassland show to look at the options available to them. Armed with a strong wish list the Moores opened discussions with K Two Sales.

Also being in haulage together with their contracting business, one of the most important aspects of the decision were the brakes. With the increased speed of tractors, the safety of their drivers and other road users was paramount.

The Moores were impressed by the Roadeo’s commercial axle with 10 stud hubs and 420 x 180 mm brakes which ensure the safest and most efficient braking. Fitted alongside springs, K Two Sales added load sensors to the specification at Wesley’s request.

Following a factory tour and some testing, Paul Kelloway, Sales Manager at K Two Sales and Wesley began discussions of the full specifications required for the jobs in Froxton.

From tyre choice to the addition of reversing lights, the six fully specified trailers are bespoke to Moores of Froxton, including the shortening of the sprung drawbar and relocation of the access ladder to assist the manoeuvrability of these larger trailers around the Devon and Cornwall lanes and field gates.

Wesley was impressed with the team at K Two Sales and commented, “It’s good to deal with another British family business who are helpful and happy to work with specific requirements.”

Both the management and workforce at Moores of Froxton are very impressed with their purchase. Specifically noting the 27 grease nipples helping with maintenance to the strong and silent structure, alongside the impressive volume capacity versus trailer weight.

The heavy-duty RHS chassis and pressed body panels riding above the underslung multi-leaf,¬†sprung axles making “these trailers run smoothly across the fields and quietly through the lanes,” Wesley retells. “When they first arrived the drivers of the foragers were not ready for their arrival into the field. They had just not heard them coming. A point I can concur with as I followed all six home. In the field, the trailers are very stable on sloping ground and with no bars or canopies, are much easier and cleaner to fill.”

Whilst in the pit, the six trailers come in and quickly unload with the hydraulic tailgate unlocking the tight, leakage free seal as the trailer begins to tip. Quickly unloaded, the trailer was down and off to the field for the next load.

Speaking with the family, they are looking to take the business forward and will definitely be discussing other options with K Two Sales, especially the new Duo Mk 5 rear discharge muck spreader and potentially some more trailers to run alongside a new self-propelled fodder beet harvester.

“We’re pleased to carry the K Two Sales red livery behind our trailers,” stated Wesley, “we’re known now as the guys with the red trailers,” concluding, “I can’t fault the trailers or the K Two team.”