I recommend Ktwo both for their machines and as a company.

Robinson Contract Services offer a spreading service which covers most of Yorkshire and parts of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. They spread an average of 160,000 tonnes annually, sometimes more dependent on the season! This is made up of circa. 110,000 tonnes of Yorkshire Water Biosolids supplied by themselves as well as a range of farmyard manures, poultry litter, green waste compost and gypsum.

Robinson Contract Services have worked closely with Ktwo for many years starting off with original Ktwo ‘trio’ spinning disc machines, they now run a fleet of both single and tandem axle Ktwo Bio’s – each generation slightly changed from the one before it leaving them with a machine capable of spreading all materials accurately and effectively.

‘’We operate 7 frontline Ktwo Bio machines at peak season, with the ability to put a further 2 to work should the need arise.’’ Explains Will Green, General Manager at Robinson Contract Services.

‘’Their spread pattern and distance remain consistent across all manure types, enabling us to operate at the most common tramline widths without the need for lots of extra wheel marks and compaction in between – which is always a bonus with the customer!

The Ktwo spreaders are also liked by the staff at Robinson Contract Services due to their ease of use (always a bonus when using seasonal staff), their ability to handle all products we’ve put through them and the fact that we can maintain them easily, to a high standard, in-house.

Personally, I would recommend Ktwo both for their machines and as a company – we have always had excellent backup from the Ktwo team regardless of whether this has been for parts, advice or joint head-scratching when problems have arisen. I like to think our two companies have a good working relationship, one which hopefully will continue in the same manner going forward.’’

Robinson Contract Services are due to receive their new Ktwo Bio’s in the coming weeks and we are looking forward to supplying them with Ktwo muck spreaders for many years to come.

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