Ktwo has a new logo and a new look!

Our new logo and styling marks a significant milestone in our journey and has given us the opportunity to reflect on everything we stand for and everything we aspire to be.

It’s not just our logo that’s changed. We’ve refreshed our branding across our website, social media and our marketing materials too.

Our mission has not changed: We manufacture the highest quality muck spreaders and trailers that are designed to perform and built to last.


Our journey to date…

Since our founding in 1988, we’ve achieved tremendous growth year on year through our innovative approach and high-quality builds.

Our original product line up was focused on the manufacture of twin drum mowers and swath conditioners which got us established in the agricultural machinery market.

Product development and opportunities in the early years led to the design and build of a range of tandem axle, horizontal beater muck spreaders which later were updated into the single axle, vertical beater machines that we are most well-known for today.

In 2003 we launched our popular and well-reputed range of Roadeo tipping trailers, built upon the same high quality and specifications of our existing manure spreaders. Popular with many new and existing customers, the Roadeo trailers expanded the business into new areas and the range quickly grew to include dump trailers and flatbed bale trailers.

The most recent development in our history has been the manufacture of the Roadeo Compact and Push Trailer. Hailed the next generation of trailer due to its unique design achieving an additional 40% compaction, the Roadeo Compact and Push Trailer has marked its place as the leading ejector trailer in the UK agricultural market.

With the acquisition of Warwick Trailers this year, we’ve increased our factory capacity and ability to offer a full trailer product range.

Today we’re rapidly growing in the UK and worldwide, and we wanted to refresh our branding to better reflect where we are in our journey and the big and bold plans we have for the future.


The story behind the new brand…

Our vision is to become the market leader of muck spreaders and trailers across the UK, and to grow worldwide. We want our brand to showcase our vision better and take us boldly into the future.

The Ktwo name is well-know and trusted in the industry. We didn’t want to change our name but instead give it a face lift with a new modern and clear typography and colour pallet.

Our new branding will focus on our values of providing excellent customer service, innovation and build quality.

The famous Ktwo poppy red still exists but with a cleaner complimentary colour scheme to showcase the professionalism of the company as we move into the next phase of our journey.


We’re still the same people…

Behind the new branding we’re still the same family run business and team, just one that is investing in our future for continued stability and growth.

We are incredibly thankful for our longstanding team of talented people, and with our focused vision and new branding we’re looking forward to a very exciting future ahead.