K Two Compact & Push Trailer Now Available up to 49.5m3

The well established K Two Sales Compact and Push range of trailers has been expanded for 2016 with the introduction of our first tridem axle model, the HP 2500. Available with a standard DIN capacity of 42.2m3 and up to 49.5m3 when fitted with 350mm silage extensions, the trailer is capable of packing up to 75m3 of material when compacting the load in products such as imgl9411silage.  Additional benefits of all Compact and Push trailers include the ability to unload in low buildings or uneven ground safely and feature a quick unloading time and low oil requirement compared to a tipping trailer.
Fitted with a rear steering axle, 48-tonne parabolic suspension, sprung drawbar and air only spring brakes as standard, the trailer is expected to appeal to those professional farmers and contractors who are looking to move large volumes of product in the safest manner.