ISOBUS control for manure spreaders

New for the 2017 season, all K Two manure spreaders can be fitted with an ISOBUS compatible weighing and application rate control system. The RDS ISOBUS Apollo ECU controller will become the standard fit for all weigh cell and application rate control systems and this can be supplied in three different variations:

  1.   Bare ISOBUS Apollo with an ISOBUS cable to connect to a compatible third party screen.
  2.   ISOBUS Apollo supplied with the RDS iSOCAN touchscreen monitor to give full application rate control and mapping capability.
  3.   ISOBUS Apollo supplied with the Topcon X25 touchscreen ISOBUS monitor to give the functionality of the RDS iSOCAN with the addition of automatic headland on/off control, on-screen guidance as well as live coverage/spreading map.

Please contact us to discuss our control systems for our manure spreaders in more detail!