I can’t get over how stable the Roadeo Curve Trailer is!

Our Roadeo Curve Trailers are well know for being high quality and heavy duty, but they are also incredibly stable.

All now have a 32 tonne parabolic spring set for excellent stability, ride performance and minimal maintenance whilst providing the best on and off-road handling characteristics. They also have a sprung drawbar and tandem sprung axles as standard to ensure a stable and comfortable ride.

We’ve just had this great testimonial from a contractor in Devon who’s very pleased with the quality and stability of his three new Curve Trailers!

”We have three of the new Ktwo Roadeo Curve Trailers and what an amazing difference there is from our new trailers to the old ones! I personally can not get over how stable they are whether it be on road or steep maize ground, they aren’t rickety and follow the tractor very well. The steering axle has also improved a lot and helps the bigger 16 tonne trailers out massively. Overall it’s safe to say we are very impressed with our new Ktwo Roadeo Curve Trailers and the follow up from the Ktwo team.” Jack, Contractor in Devon.

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